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UPC Interpipe, Inc.
1011 HWY 6 South, Ste 350
Houston, TX 77077
Tel: +1-281 531 7700
Fax: +1-281 531 9906

The UPC Group was founded in 1976 with the opening of UPC Interpipe, Inc. in Houston TX. The Houston office is the headquarters for all sales activity in the Western Hemisphere. UPC Interpipe, Inc. is a major supplier of steel products to Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and The United States. Furthermore UPC Interpipe, Inc. is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for Eisenbau Kraemer (EBK) in the North American market.

UPC Interpipe, Inc. services clients in the oil, gas and chemical industries as well as supplies material for offshore and civil construction. UPC Interpipe, Inc. supplies a full range of steel products, however it specializes in non-commodity grades where quality is key.